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DS vol 1 compilation
Figurative theatre takes part in one great release, and of course,not just Ft, also Third I is here!
DS:vol.1 is a compilation of ExYu industrial/gothic/darkwave bands. ExYu is a region in Balkans (Europe) where former Yugoslavia was. This compilation is the first DS established and there will be more releases. Soon it will be released on fabric Audio CD.You can find more info about these bands and DS at:http://www.darksceneforum.co.nr/

01 Tamerlan - Beneath the Moonlight (2:49)02 SOK - Face of the fist (4:28)03 Secret Man - Frozen (5:36)04 Condolence - Eaze (0:46)05 F.o.F. - Hello Christine (2:58)06 dreDDup - First Blood (5:06)07 Neurotica - Delicatese Fantasy (2:54)08 Sixth June - Everytime (2:52)09 Inje - Skrivenosemenica (4:35)10 Franja Kluz - Ua Ua (1:43)11 Cut N Paste - Dead And Gone (1:29)12 Figurative Theatre - Oblivion and misery - Atrocious Camera (4:02)13 V.i.t.r.i.o.L Minstrel - Communication (5:57)14 Mrt - Undead lunch (part II) (3:55)15 Kanntilen Ante Portas - Plac kosnice (2:00)16 Vamp Voltage - Symptoms (4:12)17 Unexistence - Only rusty relics (4:33)18 OneFellPrey - Flickering Existence (2:57)19 Dementia Absurda- Cynic (3:07)20 Third I - Cold Chamber (4:14)

file info:

DSvol1.zip (96mb)20 tracks - 44khz192bpm/mp3 + Artworks and band infos

Some reactions:DJ Mindy:"I downloaded it... enjoying it very much. You guys are too good to us!"
Industrial Radio:"Freakin Awsome!!"
DeadKnife Records:"
Awesome compilation i am currently listening and enjoying this dark time...i will absolutely release it and inform people about the listing and to repost almost the same msg. another thing that is amazing is that "Third I" is also featuring on the comp and i just release recently his album just after yours in the discography "This is our Post Postapocalypse"
sick track from yours and excellent sequencing at 2:34 approx of the track and killer ending...this track could easily remind me some nine inch nails like "Burn".
i can release it this week like on feb.26 [tuesday] because i will be releasing some more artists/album, i will be working on my html code and other through tuesday...
i may post 2 track in my player to promote it...
this comp fit very much deadknife records and bring another touch of dark music...thanks very much"

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